Saying Goodbye.

2017-03-09 17:36:57 by Wardsmith

I have realized that there are too many problems between me and completing that Minecraft animation. For my next Flash, I'm going to make something simple, easy, and comedic instead.


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2017-03-09 21:23:56

That's no biggie. You can do your projects when you feel up for it

(Updated ) Wardsmith responds:

The biggest concern was actually that the entire thing is based on royalty music and there's no way it could have the same Flash without it, but NG moderation keeps toppling cartoons like that into non-existence. Even Spoilsbury Toast Boy 0 is gone. I don't want to slave over an animation that was already rather difficult and broken just to have NG potentially destroy it, so I've shelved the project.

Of course I could ask them, but I doubt it'll work anyway.