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...but you can view it here. I posted the unfnished animation on Vidme a few weeks ago.

As you can see the video part of that video had very little in it and was not conclusive, but ultimately I was just animating a C418 track in Flash. It's called Death, and if you listen to it here you'll get a very good idea of what was going to be in the rest of the animation. I was not going to add any noises or sound effects myself. As you can guess, it will probably never be finished.

Do you ever get that?

Saying Goodbye.

2017-03-09 17:36:57 by Wardsmith

I have realized that there are too many problems between me and completing that Minecraft animation. For my next Flash, I'm going to make something simple, easy, and comedic instead.

I'm going to kick programming hindrance's ass.

2016-12-30 00:45:35 by Wardsmith


Sure, it's not finished yet, but now it's only a matter of time. It seems like I finally know what I'm doing. I've actually got this game to the point where player movement and physics is almost completely sorted and soon all I'll have to do is program environments and draw tile maps. The red and black part of the picture above is a temporary testing board.

Just did some work on my Minecraft flash today.

2016-12-13 23:40:13 by Wardsmith

It's a cartoon about something a little more sophisticated and not some jokes that are over-played and stupid, but until this afternoon I did not make a good enough swap-out for the tank guy in the preloader, so that is much better now. I also added some tweaks to the rough pre-animation that real animators are supposed to use as a guide before they fill the drawings in with proper detail. (I am... not what I call a 'real animator'...)

All this after half a year of not doing anything super useful in the cartoon side of my own creativity. What's my secret? Well, I think for me, if I've got nothing entertaining to do, the presence of alcohol in my bodily system is a good productivity motivator. It's seemingly been making me move forward in a lot of areas.

Seriously man... Germaine and Foamy...

Lately there's been a three part story about Germaine's past and her weird psychoses, and honestly, I LIKE the way it's turned out. I think they've put a really neat, self-aware tie on the strange Neurotically Yours series as it's been over the last ten freaking years. Instead of doing some blatant horror fakeout all-a-dream "ending", they seem to be establishing more canon, explaining some things, and making a genuine set of mechanics for how Germaine's brain works. I'm kind of... Attached to these characters now.

I don't think the cartoon is actually over, and I hope it continues for a good while, but if it finished now, I would be happy with its ending. Even if some stuff isn't quite resolved...

People have been lying to me about how the horrible feelings will go away eventually for years. I see very little improvement to my mental wellbeing.

For real, nobody in these damn suburbs knows how to trick or treat anymore. On Halloween they basically sit at home and do nothing out of the fuckin' ordinary all night.

Edward goes to Hell...

2016-09-19 19:23:25 by Wardsmith


...And beats it!


2016-08-20 05:03:57 by Wardsmith

Oh HELL fucking yeah...















Oh hell no!